Copenhagen based full stack freelance developer with a degree in advanced computer science

Portrait photo of Bilal Isa

Hi, my name is Bilal. I’m a bachelor in mathematics from The University of Copenhagen and I have a degree in Advanced Computer Science from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College.

I have been working with web development for 11 years, including 5 years as an independent consultant. The advantages of choosing me over others (e.g., that there are no intermediaries), that it goes faster.

My motto is “creating value together”.

  • While working with integration and low-level customization, Bilal's technical understanding and programming skills allowed for problem free communication and cooperation with our in-house development team. Bilal will be my first choice for any future, similar project, and I am happy to give him my recommendation.

    Jesper Starch, Software Development Manager at Master International A/S
  • I had the pleasure of working with Bilal on freelance projects. Bilal has a solution-oriented attitude and has high technical skills. He always does a fantastic job at making sure we deliver the best possible product for the customer. As a person he is easy to be around with. I can for sure recommend him.

    Simon Holm, Senior developer at Ørsted
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Bilal on a project we did together for Rambøll. Bilal stood out to me as a proficient and efficient Sitecore developer, with great backend knowledge, and a desire to always make the best possible product for the end user. I can highly recommend Bilal to anybody looking for an experienced backend/Sitecore developer.

    Lars Bolvig, Freelance Frontend Developer Currently IKEA Group
  • Bilal and I worked on multiple projects together. Bilal was always the first to volunteer to take on tasks, and he excelled in project managing while still maintaining high level development skills. From a personal perspective Bilal is very easy being around, and while maintaining a high level of professionalism he always had time for a chat and a smile.

    Kristian Clement-Nørætt, Senior IT Asset Manager at Danske Bank
  • Bilal is a great developer and manager. He has the experience and skills to work on projects of any complexity. I personally collaborated with Bilal on several Umbraco projects and it was a pleasure. Very smart and talented professional. Highly recommended!

    Ross Ance, Umbraco Developer
  • Bilal is comfortable and easy to work with, and he has a good sense of humor. He is very careful with the programming, and insists that things are done the right way. That is why we have also got a very robust and error-free portal. I can highly recommend Bilal.

    Allan Poulsen, Head of IT, partner at BEDSTpension A/S
  • I am lucky to have worked with Bilal, a full stack developer who is not only interested in the company’s bottom line, but also in his connection’s professional growth. I have been working with him as external developer for Startup Central. Bilal did not just help me sort out the issues and fix them but also taught me how to approach such type of problems logically. I can highly recommend Bilal if you need senior developer with hands on experience and you are facing technical difficulties. He will give his best to help you out with fixing the issues and will explain later why this approach was implemented.

    Gratsiela Gesheva, Lead Full Stack Developer at Startup Central
  • Jeg har haft fornøjelsen at have Bilal helt tæt på min virksomhed! Jeg kan ikke andet end at give de bedste af de bedste roser med. Bilal er både kommunikativt, og fagligt på et top niveau som jeg endnu ikke har mødt. I vores samarbejde har jeg ikke kun fået løst opgaver, men også udviklet mine IT medarbejdere som følge af at Bilal har haft stærkt focus på at forbedre mit team med de kompetencer han selv sidder inde med! Sidder du og mangler en IT mand, som kan forbedre dit team og nå i mål med dine opgaver så er han manden du skal kontakte!

    Anders Fogh, CEO-Founder & Owner at Startup Central