Enhancing content editor experience

Enhancing content editor experience

Master International desired to upgrade their online platform to the latest version of Umbraco. At the same time they wished to implement a new responsive design from their external branding and design agency. In connection with implementation of MS Dynamics CRM in the organisation they also wanted to integrate their online customer platform with the new CRM, including allowing online sign-up for courses and E-Learning for CRM users and course participants.

project goals

I told the client about the good editor experience in Umbraco 7 and the potential in the grid layout in Umbraco 7. The client was very excited about the possibilities in Umbraco. With this in hand the goals of the project could be summarized accurately in the following:

  1. Implementation of 12 responsive language sites on the latest Umbraco platform with integration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and flash based E-learning system.
  2. Utilization of Umbraco’s Grid layout to give the editors a high degree of flexibility and a “live” editor experience.
  3. Availability to customers and visitors on different platforms and devices through implementation of responsive design.

The challenges

One of the goals of the project was to upgrade to the latest Umbraco platform and utilize the Umbraco grid in the task of content editing, thereby enhancing the editor experience and easing the content editing task.


To build the client’s confidence in Umbraco, including illustrating the improved user experience and the potential of the grid layout in Umbraco 7, a live demo was presented.

User friendliness and good editor experience generally in Umbraco 7, including restriction of allowed grid editors on cell-level in the grid layout was very important to support editors in their work in the back office in the process of adding and updating content.

The so-called “live implementation” of the layouts in the back office which entail that the editor can compose the pages and see the result immediately in the back office was a very good selling point.

The editors were very impressed by this intuitive way to build up the content. The result was achievement of great optimism and interest around the project. At the same time it was demonstrated how Umbraco could meet the client’s business goals, including making it easy and great fun for an editor to work with Umbraco in the back office.


The content editors are loving and enjoying to work with Umbraco. Umbraco 7 is giving them a good and intuitive editor experience and boosting editor creativity through high flexibility in building up the content in the content section and “live view” of the content in grid layout in Umbraco back office.

Umbraco 7 gave the client an easy and positive transition to Umbraco 7 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the organisation.

The client was satisfied and gave me the greatest recognition I could ask for:

Bilal’s skills and experience was a valuable addition to our project team, as we implemented a new Umbraco website, Microsoft CRM, in-house developed e-learning, and custom web service integration connecting it all. Bilal was responsible for implementing the web site using specific design and layouts from our external branding and design agency. The final frontend result was perfect to the pixel, and an impressive live implementation of the static layouts. The back-office pages of Umbraco was designed by Bilal to be user-friendly and intuitive for our content editors. While working with integration and low-level customization, Bilal’s technical understanding and programming skills allowed for problem free communication and cooperation with our in-house development team. Bilal will be my first choice for any future, similar project, and I am happy to give him my recommendation.

  • Jesper Starch, CTO, Software Development Manager at Master International A/S
  1. Master Sverige AB
  2. Master Management Norge AS

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